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Paving stone dried in the product drying area of the concrete block production facility. The blocks, paving stones and borders produced by the block machines are taken from the machine and sent to the drying area for drying.
Paving stone dried in the product drying area of the concrete block production facility. The blocks, paving stones and borders produced by the block machines are taken from the machine and sent to the drying area for drying.


The machines manufactured by our company are divided into two groups: Concrete block making machine with automatic weighing system and Concrete block making machine without automatic weighing system. Our machines with automatic weighing system are equipped with concrete batching plant and PLC system. The machine is fully automatic and semi-automatic, and with PLC system, and our fully automatic block making machines have comprehensive PLC system. Our concrete block machine drops production on wooden pallets. Sizes of wooden pallets vary according to the model and capacity of the machine.


When transporting the concrete block making machine, crane and forklift should be used. Care should be taken not to damage the concrete block making machine during transportation, the shaft of the balancer lever, the bearings and the hydraulic system should not be damaged, in any case, it is impossible to pull the machine over the surface. Instead, the concrete block machine should be lifted by crane and brought to the place of installation.  Heavy parts that cause deformation when transporting the machine must be disassembled. Our machine, made by CONMACH quality, works with hydraulic control. Dust, gas, corrosive chemicals on site should not come into contact with parts of the machine, these considerations have been taken into account when painting the machine.


Note: Delivery and taking protective measures are the responsibility of the customer, so damage resulting from this reason is not covered by the warranty.


The installation work should be carried out on a pre-established level and solid ground, taking into account the project prepared by CONMACH engineers, working according to the plan and forming an installation pit. For a quick installation of the machine, electricity and water supply must be prepared according to the site requirements. The electrical wiring prepared by the customer must be carried out according to the current project, otherwise any malfunction caused by the electrical wiring will not be covered by the warranty. The block making machine shall be fixed at the installation site, a drainage pipe shall be installed to avoid puddling.

The machine shall be installed in a suitable location on the site as indicated on the plan. The installation of the concrete block making machine is carried out by the technicians of our company. CONMACH is not responsible for any malfunction that may occur if the installation and assembly is carried out by the customer, outside the jurisdiction of our company. For normal operation, it is necessary to leave a free space near the concrete block machine, as much free space as the minimum size of the machine, the space should be used for mould replacement. When shipping, conveyor belt, mixer, piston, lower vibrator, electric motors, hydraulic tank and control panel are shipped disassembled.


When the concrete block making machine is manufactured, the electrical connections are made according to the international standards, the earth wire for the machine must be tensioned, the electrical panel must be determined according to the capacity and power of the concrete block machine. The electrical wiring must be done by authorized and certified persons and institutions. The electrical circuit designed by our engineers must be considered, if the machine is connected incorrectly and problems occur, the machine will be excluded from the warranty.

Thermal relays used for safety purposes must be installed according to the rules of use contained on the motor nameplate. When entering the current value setting, 58% of the current must be taken into account. Phases, motor terminals are in accordance with the international standards U. V. W., H. Y. Z denotes the earth. It is necessary to check the compatibility of the voltage with the main voltage. An earth wire must be installed for all motors used. The protection of the motors must be ensured by thermal magnetic switches or electronic circuits.


The unit in which the wooden pallets are stored is called a pallet store. The wet concrete products are brought to the collection point on a cart on wooden pallets. Wooden pallets are determined according to the model and capacity of the machine.

Finished products on a pallet are taken away by a trolley for a semi-automatic concrete block machine, and by a forklift truck for a fully automatic concrete block making machine. Wooden pallets are lifted by two pairs of hydraulic cylinders, the movement of which is synchronous. One wooden pallet rests on the vibrating table, the other is lifted. Two different motors are used for the vibrating table and the chain on rails under the pallets.


The dimensions of the hopper and mortar cart vary depending on the preferred model of concrete block making machine. The capacity of the hopper is of 15% of its capacity in accordance with the capacity of the mixer. This is more than 20.The mortar which is in the hopper is poured into the mortar car with the opening of the hopper lid which is hydraulically controlled. The quantity should be the same, taking into account the use of spirit levels when setting up the hopper and setting the mould.

The mortar car consists of 4 wheels and a car. The rollers work on the cart with movements of the lever forward and backward. In order to work without bouncing, the path of the car rail must be equal to the path of the pallet, which is made of a square profile 40x40 or 50x50. Otherwise, faulty products will result. The mortar table must be cleaned regularly for normal operation of the mortar car. Deposits that have formed in the upper mould are cleaned with a steel wire brush. Cleaning brushes are replaced with new ones after the standing time has expired.


The unit to which the mould is attached is called a press. The daily capacity depends on the machine model (see capacity table). The setting of the mould level should be checked regularly. The main press has a vibrating table, which allows the compaction of the mortar. It is necessary to pay attention to the direction of rotation of the vibrator shafts, which are on the same table, should rotate in the opposite direction to each other to the center of the block making machine. Vibrator bearings have been designed for long-term operation. The bearings need to be lubricated and maintained regularly.


The percentage of hardness is measured with a shormeter. Concrete block making machine must be protected, welding must be done during maintenance and repair. Cooling fans should be used to prevent the vibrating motors from heating up at the same time. The balance lever of the scale provides an even distribution of force. Rubber chokes that wear out over time should be checked and replaced with new ones if necessary..


The concrete product produced on the block making machine moves with the feeding of a new wooden pallet under the mould to a block called the output chain unit. The movement is done with the help of an electric motor. The product on the pallets is stacked one by one with the help of a stacking robot. The replacement and inspection of the gear oil and the maintenance ofthe chain should be done in time.


The stacking robot is used as an independent piece of equipment, finished concrete products are transported on pallets by a forklift. It is equipped with an independent motor and two hydraulic cylinders. The task of the rollers is to transport a pallet of concrete products to the stacker and make room for a new pallet in the block making machine.


The concrete block making machine is controlled automatically and manually. Before starting, there are several recommendations. We can sort them as follows; it is necessary to check the wooden pallets, connect the corresponding mould, check the settings of the mortar car table by adjustingthe upper mould, adjust a gap between the mortar table and the mould to prevent spilling mortar, lift the mould up and down to check the friction or installation.

To start the machine, you must turn on the electrical switch. To start the hydraulic system, you must press the pump start button and watch the gage arrow rise. If the needle of the pressure gage does not move, the direction of rotation of the pump motor is reversed with the displacement of the two phase ends in the control cabinet. The pressure cap is located on the directional control valve (joystick) so that any piston is under pressure (follow the hydraulic cable to which the pressure gage is connected to find it easily). There is a blind plug screwed onto it that can be opened with 12-13 wrenches. Under the disassembled nut is a bolt that can be adjusted with 4 or 5 hex keys. Nuts securing this bolt are loosened by turning the bolt clockwise or vice versa, pressure adjustment must be made by reading the pressure gage (It is essential that one of the pistons remains under pressure when making this adjustment).

The adjustment of the pressing height must be made according to the template used. The pump is started by manual setting from the screen or from the PLC control panel, the position of the sensors is set. The ram is adjusted according to the height of the product to remove the product from the mould.


The wooden pallet drive must be installed at the same height as on the top of the jogging table. Then, in the pallet feeding unit where the wooden pallets are located and in the insert, the adjustment of the pallet hoist that pushes and pulls the pallets must be made. The output chain table is installed at a lower level than the level of the vibrating table. After the mechanical adjustments of the machine are completed, the positions of the sensors must be adjusted. Places that need lubrication, bolts and nuts that need tightening are checked. Oil leaks must be eliminated and the seals must be replaced.

Before starting, check the places that need lubrication. Look for oil leaks and replace seals if necessary. If the direction of rotation of the vibrator is incorrect, the phases must be changed.



Adjust the cleaning brush after installing the mould for the concrete block machine. Be sure to adjust the brush plate of the mortar car. You need to make sure the machine is working, check the sensor if there is a problem with starting - help should be obtained from CONMACH 24/7 technical support team.


The operator of the concrete block making machine must undergo necessary training, this is important for his safety and the use of the machine. These trainings are provided by our company CONMACH for persons working on the customer's construction site. For the safety of the operator, the moving parts of the machine are protected by railings and guards.

The hydraulic and electronic parts of the concrete block making machine do not work without the operator's intervention. For this reason, the safety of the operator is important. The machine should be equipped with a guardrail, and of course the guardrail should not be dismantled. When maintenance and repair work is carried out on the block making machine, the electrical connection must be disconnected. The settings of the machine must be made in advance. Electric motors, control panel and output chain must be protected from water, as well as the control panel from flammable, explosive materials. At the end of production, the moulds, the mortar car and the hopper bucket must be cleaned so that the mortar does not dry out. Failure to follow these instructions will void the warranty.

All pistons must not be under pressure. It is necessary to check the bolts without starting, motor belts must be checked, do not climb on the machine when it is in operation, do not bend down as much as possible, keep away from the machine, the operator must also check the control panel. To protect against the high noise level that the block making machine can emit, the operator must use headphones. When changing a mould the electrical connection must be disconnected, electrical components must be checked by authorized persons. This must be done by qualified personnel.

The machine is intended for use in the manufacture of concrete blocks, paving stones, curbs, sidewalk slabs. Use for other purposes is not in accordance with the intended use. CONMACH is not liable for any damage resulting from this. The installation of the concrete block making machine must comply withthe standards of the country in which the purchaser is located. For the commissioning of the concrete block making machine, the Buyer is responsible to provide a transformer according to the motor power and current consumption according to the plan provided by CONMACH. Our company will not give approval to the technicians to connect the machine if there is no proper electrical connection. It is out of question for the  customer to replace the electrical components (motor, pump, cylinder, hydraulic system, vibration system, etc.) without approval. Otherwise, the concrete block making machine will lose its warranty. The owner of the concrete block making machine should not remove the parts that are necessary for the safety, for the safe work and health of the employees.

The concrete block making machine, which is manufactured as per the standards, is fitted with protective caps. Warning signs are attached to various parts of the machine to indicate hazards. Motorized parts with belts that pose a hazard are located under protective plates. All moving parts where main shafts and trolleys are located are fitted with protective plates and covers. The grounding terminals for electrical wiring are marked,the yellow and green wire conforms to the standards for electrical grounding terminals, and the cover is closed with a lock.

It is necessary to be careful and prevent the penetration of clothes and other substances into the conveying system of the concrete block making machine. One should pay attention to rotating parts. Grounding measurements should be carried out and monitored systematically. Operating the concrete block making machine without grounding connection is dangerous and forbidden. All parts of vibrating pump should be systematically cleaned, checkthe safety of protection, use a filter when filling oil, check the tightness of pipe joints, lifting balance, the same pallet level, the mains voltage and belt tension, the operating directions of the motor, the corresponding electrical connections. It is also necessary to check the tool height adjustment and lubrication.

The above points must be checked and fulfilled.


Belt and axis should be checked to prevent wear. Belt slack will cause loud noises, lead to bearing failures, and will cause belt life to expire. Belt tension should be at a normal level, not over tensioned. An overloaded belt will cause the motor to operate as if it were overloaded itself. This will extend the life of the belt and prevent unnecessary noise. The belt must be replaced after prior consultation with the CONMACH manufacturer. The manufacturer CONMACH is not responsible for the unauthorized replacement of parts by the user.

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